New UK Location Register entries

Diasporic locations within the British Isles are also of interest to the Diasporic Literary Archives Network, based at the University of Reading (UK), and three particularly pleasing examples have been added to the UK Location Register this year. The Location Register can be accessed here, or via the easy alias The three new archives are:

Douglas Adams Archive, including early drafts of The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, now fully catalogued and held in the Library of St John’s College Cambridge.

Margaret Forster Archive, a beautiful traditional archive containing almost all the works of an author who, all her life, wrote almost entirely by hand, recently opened for public research at the British Library.

Terry Pratchett Archive, by contrast an archive which was created almost entirely on computer and consists mostly of disks and print-outs, presented to the Senate House Library (University of London) by Pratchett’s publisher and agent Colin Smythe.

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