Special Literary Archives issue of the journal ‘Comma’

A special Literary Archives edition of Comma (the official journal of the International Council on Archives) has been published in November 2018 by Liverpool University Press. Its citation is Comma 2017-1. See the publication and access details here. The contents, which relate in several cases to the work of the Diasporic Literary Archives Network, are as follows:

* Preface [in 6 languages, written by David C. Sutton as Chair/Président of ICA’s Section on Archives of Literature & Art]

* Veno V. Kauaria and David C. Sutton: Literary archives around the world: the view from Namibia

* Heather Dean: Learning and teaching with literary archives

* Sebastian Gurciullo: Keeping born-digital literary and artistic archives in an imperfect world: theory, best practice and good enoughs

* Catherine Hobbs and Sara Viinalass-Smith: Outside the margins and beyond the page: complex digital literature, the new horizon for acquisition, conservation, curation and research

* Wim Van Mierlo: What to do with literary manuscripts? A model for manuscript studies after 1700

* Deborah Jenkins: Where are our heroes, martyrs and monuments? Archives of authors, publishers and editors from the Caribbean diaspora in London institutions

* Marta Fernández Campa: Literary correspondence: letters and emails in Caribbean writing

* Jens Boel and David C. Sutton: Archives at risk: addressing a global concern

* Marietta Minotos and Anna Koulikourdi: Management of archival literary sources: the Greek approach

* Katri Kivilaakso: Research, re-cataloguing and acquisition policy: new developments at the Archive of the Finnish Literature Society

* Т.М. Горяева: Архивы культуры в России

* Sara S. Hodson: Building on the Huntington Library’s literary foundation

* Luciana Negrini and David C. Sutton: A location list of literary archives in Brazil

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